Mediation One, LLC


The Mediation One Difference

Mediation One, LLC in St. Louis Park offers a low-cost, low-stress solution to a difficult change in your life.   Who you choose to help design your divorce agreement will affect your quality of life for years to come.

How are we different than most divorce mediation firms?  

Like other divorce offices, we help the couple design the terms of their divorce; division of assets and debt, budgets, a flexible parenting plan, etc.  We then prepare the legal documents and file them with the court.

But we do even more to help the couple move confidently into the future. 

After divorce, most couples experience a dramatic change in their personal finances. If the future financial picture is not available and clear during their mediation sessions, how can they make informed decisions? Without financial information, mistakes can be made as the couple discusses and agrees on important issues.

These mistakes will will become part of their divorce decree, and will haunt them for years.

Kent Peterson, owner and founder of Mediation One, LLC is a Certified Divorce Mediator and also a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst and member of the Institute for Divorce Financial Analysts. While he is helping design their divorce agreement, he is also showing each spouse their projected financial picture for the five years following the divorce. 

Much of the divorce decree can't be changed after the documents are filed with the county court.  Seeing those financial projections during mediation results in better decisions while you are designing your agreement, so you won't have regrets after. 

Our Process

  • Mediation of the Agreement
  • Preparation of Legal Documents

  • Filing of Documents With the Court

Private and Confidential

Kent's clients meet with him in a private conference room.  During their mediation sessions, he guides them through the process by offering options and ideas so both parties can reach an amicable, personal agreement on all issues, without going to court.  

Mission Statement

We provide comprehensive divorce services to help couples design a fair, respectful dissolution of their marriage and plan the beginning of their new lives. 


"Your financial planning gave me tremendous peace of mind.” - J. W., Minnetonka

"We didn't know there was an option to hiring lawyers. We are so glad we found you!" - R. M., Plymouth

"We wanted to do what was best for our family. You helped us remain friends." - B. D., Minneapolis

Thanks for flying to Alexandria and meeting with us at the airport, instead of us driving to the Cities. I feel good about our agreement, and know it will work well for us and our kids." - R. H., Alexandria

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